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New Header

Since the introduction of there is a new float menu on the top of some Microsoft web apps which was always a really helpful and nice tool for example to quickly switch from your Outlook account to the OneDrive Web app to have another look at your PureView shots you have taken today. However, today Microsoft has released a new version of this float menu with a nice small addition. Until today it was possible to access Office Web Apps, People, Calendar, and OneDrive apps and Office Online as you can see below. The new float menu is positioned at the upper left and by clicking on a small symbol there the menu is shown. They are still designed like some small Tiles which should be familiar to Windows 8 and Windows Phone users, but there has been changed also something. Instead of showing all the Web Apps in one row it is now divided into two rows which makes it more convenient to choose a specific app because it is not distributed over the whole width of your display anymore.

Float Menu

Office Online

This menu entry Office Online has been introduced a few months back already, tough if you haven’t noticed it yet, it directs you to a Office Site where you can choose from all Web Apps which are available like, OneDrive, Calendar, People and so on but you can have also access to more Office Options which are not shown in the normal float menu. From there you can also visit the Store or browse some templates for your Office document and Power Point projects. The site is clearly arranged like we know it from Microsoft and it has of course also a sort of ‘Modern UI Design’ so that everything can be found quickly, and you don’t loose your time in orientating on the site. Below you can have a look at how this Office Online site looks like.

Office Online

Open Office documents in Desktop App

Finally there is one another new feature which Microsoft has introduced today for the Word Web App which can be extremely helpful. It is now as simple to continue your work on your desktop which you have began in an Office Web App in your browser as clicking a button. Therefore Microsoft has added a button called ‘Open In Word’ which simply does what it says. When you have for example started working on a document on your Tablet in the Office Web app you can just click on Open In Word and it will automatically open the document in your Microsoft Office Word application. This works for Tablets and smartphones, of course it is also possible to save your document to OneDrive and continue work on another device. Below you can have look at what the Office team has said to this today.

Office 365 subscribers also get Office apps for their devices, like the new and popular Office iPad apps. The click to switch method works on iPad too. Let’s say you tap a document link in email and Word Online launches in the Safari browser. To make the most of your touch device, tap Open in Word in the ribbon and presto—you’re editing the same document in the Word for iPad app. This same technique works on your phone too, when viewing a document using your mobile browser your can easily switch to the Office Mobile app.

Here is another screenshot which shows you what you have to look out for the next time when you are working with the Microsoft Office Web app and ypu want to continue your work in your desktop application.

Open In Word

So what do you think of these new features Microsoft has introduced today, let me know below in comments and thanks for reading best regards.

Source: Office Blog