9.3 Million Lumia Devices Sold in Q3 2014



Microsoft have released their earnings report for the last quarter, and sales of Lumia devices have reached their highest ever figures, achieved by strong performance of low end devices as well as the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1.

9.3 million Lumia smartphones sold between the start of July and the end of September, up 5.6% on the same quarter last year when sales reached an all time high of 8.8 million. These numbers are also up on the last quarter (Q2 2014) which we estimated to be around 8 million, showing a 14% increase quarter on quarter.

Microsoft still have work to do with their smartphone division, which they purchased from Nokia for €7.2 billion 8 months ago, to be competitive and sustainable, but these latest figures suggest things are moving in the right direction.

Read the whole report and press release HERE.