Microsoft releases new Build version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview


Windows 10 Build

Build 9860

Microsoft has today officially released the first new Build version of their current Preview Program of the upcoming Windows version, Windows 10. Build 9860 is the new version and it is already available to download. The difference between a new Build Version and normal updates is that the Build is including more new features. Build versions will be updated by Microsoft frequently over the upcoming year just like they are doing it with updates, tough the updates will never bring any big new features but of course bug fixes and things like that. According to the Windows Blog this is a really early version of the Build, so they are trying to give us new features and experiences as a soon as possible, this version of Windows 10 is also Microsoft internal just available for one week know so fast progress here and we like that.

The Installation

So how can you get your hands on the newest Build version of Windows 10, gladly it is pretty easy to do so. First of all you can just wait for it to come via Windows Update, or the second way you can do it is to go to the Settings App –> Update & Recovery –> Preview Builds, once you are there you have to click on ‘Check Now’.
The Build version will have about 2GB (x86) or 2,74GB (x64), so it can take some time to download. After the download has finished, your PC will restart as you know it from normal Windows Updates, but this time it will of course take a bit longer than normal. After the installation when the PC finally starts up again and you log in for the first time you will get the same screen which you get after a clean Windows 8 or 10 installation where your Apps and Settings get finished but don’t worry nothing gets deleted all your files will be where you have left them.



Now after you have installed the new Build Version you might ask yourself, so what, whats new here? So there are indeed 3 new pretty nice features. Implemented in this version have been, the Action Center, which we already know from the leaks before the presentation of Windows 10. An easier way to move apps from one monitor to another, and a nice smooth animation has been implemented if you are switching between your desktops.

  • The Action Center:
    This is probably the most striking new feature in this Build version, the Action Center. A nice feature which Windows Phone 8.1 users have got some time ago, now also comes to its more mature brother Windows 10. Microsoft is pointing out that this is just a basic integration of an Action Center, just to share the idea how they think an Action Center should be implemented in the OS. The UI and the functionality like quick actions (Flight Mode, WiFi, etc.) will be integrated later on. What it does for now is simply showing you all your notifications in one place, doesn’t matter if email, Facebook, Twitter etc. You can access the notification center by clicking on the new symbol on your task bar.

  • Untitled

  • Moving Apps from one Monitor to another:
    Microsoft has implemented some new Keyboard Shortcuts to access things faster as you can see here at the official Windows Blog. But there is one nice new Shortcut which helps you to move apps faster and sorting things out if you are working with multiple desktops, this is possible by simply pressing WIN + SHIFT + ARROW.

  • Animation for switching between desktops:
    With the Technical Preview of Windows 10, Microsoft also introduced the Windows Insider Program which is for giving feedback and suggesting new features.
    However Microsoft shows us that they are listening, because according to them an animation to know when you are switching between desktops was highly in demand so they implemented it.

  • Battery Saver & Data Sense:
    Another new feature has been build in with this new Build version, its the Data Sense, and the Battery Saver App. Both are already well integrated, in Windows Phone, there they came with Windows Phone 8.1. Two good apps which I am using a lot, so therefor it is good to see them also in Windows 10. Of course it does not make sense to use them on a desktop PC but it will be indeed pretty helpful on Tablets or Laptops. For those of you who don’t know what the apps are for, well simply said Battery Saver is to save your battery as the name already suggests, so you can turn on the battery saver and your tablet will not ask this much for notifications or update your Live Tiles like before. The Data Sense app is especially helpful when you want to keep an eye on your data consumption because you are owning a limited data plan for example. Both of these apps can be found in the settings app.


Now this are some nice new features at the beginning of the Windows 10 (Technical Preview) era, they will continue to bring even more in the upcoming weeks and months. Microsoft assures in their official blog post that they are listening and that they will implement features with high demand but they are also saying that it can take some time until a feature is finally implemented in a Preview version which is available for public download.
Here is what they have written at their Windows Blog:

To date you’ve sent us over 250,000 pieces of feedback through the Windows Feedback tool, 25,381 community forum posts, and 641 suggestions in the Windows Suggestion Box. Every day we work through the latest round of feedback and incorporate that into our engineering process. One thing I wanted to make sure everyone understood however is that when we do make a change based on your feedback, it can take a while until you see those changes in the builds coming to you.

Let me know what you think about the new Build version and if you think that Microsoft is listening carefully enough to its Windows Insider Community.

Source: Windows Blog