Here Maps on Android, Samsung Exclusivity Agreement Ends



The agreement between Samsung and Here Maps, which gave the South Korean smartphone manufacturers exclusive use of Here Maps on Android devices has come to an end, meaning Here, owned by Nokia and highly praised on the Windows Phone platform, can be installed on any Android device running Jellybean or higher.

Here Maps on Android is still in beta, so is not as yet available in the Google Play Store, this should change when all the creases are ironed out. In the meantime those keen to install the mapping app, which allows you to download map data for entire countries and use offline, will need to side load the APK file on to their device.

Since Nokia’s decision to sell their devices and services department, responsible for the Lumia smartphone range, they have focused their efforts on Here (among other operations) and getting these services on as many platforms as possible. Here is providing the location services for Samsung’s own Tizen platform. While many consider Samsung to have had Here Maps on Android first, I would remind everyone that a version was available for Nokia’s X platform, which replicated the Windows Phone app very nicely.

Source PocketNow