Microsoft overtakes Google and is now second most valuable brand in the world



A few days ago Google has presented its earnings for Q3 2014, and the reactions on this were not the best. The market is really sensible to things like this and was reacting to these numbers on its own way, as a result this was visible in the stock prices which fell down because of the numbers from Q3.
Simultaneously Microsoft has made some earnings which resulted in an upraise of their stock prices, which brought the tech giant on place 2 concerning the most valuable brands in the world, place 1 still remains to Apple.

For those of you who are interested in details, concerning this fight of the most valuable brand in the world, here are some numbers, showing the gap between Microsoft and Google. The last time when the market has been closed, Microsoft was at $359.5 Billion, while Google was valued at $345.75 Billion. So this is quite a gap we will see in which direction this will go but if you are watching the market quite some time you will know that there are a lot of fluctuations and this can change nearly everyday, tough it is a nice fight to look at.

Source: Geek On Gadgets