Xbox One October Update is available and brings some UI changes


Microsoft has monthly updated their new gaming console, the Xbox One, and brought with the updates new features some UI changes and bug fixes. So we are in the middle of October and the next update from Microsoft for the Xbox One has been published and is now live to download.


The October Update might not be the biggest one so far concerning the space it needs on your hard drive, but it is definitely the biggest one concerning the UI changes, it brings the most and obvious changes to the UI of the Xbox One so far.
Actually it brings so much changes that Microsoft has also released a Video on YouTube showing off all the changes, you can watch the video below:

One of the new additions to the UI is the Friends Tab which you can see on your homescreen. It shows you of course your friends and who of them currently online is, but even more. It shows you also what they are currently doing and who has time for a game or is already in one. This also sort of completes the dashboard of the Xbox, Microsoft has been testing this feature for a long time so it is good to see that it is finally part of the October Update.


There have been included also some improvements for the snap view which you can use with the Xbox. One of these changes is to access the snap menu by double pressing the Xbox button on your controller. The snap menu is a useful new addition which gives you the choice to quickly snap the most used applications to the side such as Party, Messages or Achievements. Beside the possibility to easily snap the most used apps it gives you also the possibility to snap any app you have currently installed on your Xbox Console.


Beside these two obvious new additions there come also some other useful new features to your gaming console, first of all watching movies is now even more fun because also the MKV format is now supported, a very popular format for films and videos. Apart from that OneGuide is available for 11 new countries worldwide with this update, universal remote settings and other improvements for Xbox Smartglass come, an updated Devices & Accessories page and the ability to hide games and apps on the console.


So as I have already mentioned, this is one of the biggest Updates, concerning the actually visible changes, which Microsoft has provided for the Xbox Console so far. It brings some nice and also long awaited new features, have you already downloaded it, are you happy with it, let me know below in comments.


Source: Neowin