WhatsApp for Windows Phone will get some new features soon


As we all know WhatsApp still keeps their Beta Program for the Windows Phone App in private mode but also with this restrictions it is at least possible to see some screenshots of the new featurs.


Back in July Mancae90 aka Emanuel has already posted some screenshots of the upcoming WhatsApp version in the nokioteca Forum. Back in these days 3 screenshots leaked, which you can see above, that suggested the photos will be labeled with the senders name in the future, it will also allow you to specify the location you want to share, so it is finally possible to pretend that you are at work while you are shopping.
The third things which has been revealed back then was that it will be possible to archive messaging histories which is also a nice new feature.


Now this compilation of screenshots leaked on Reddit which is showing some features we are already aware of but show us also some new things. This Update should be available in the upcoming weeks in the Windows Phone App Store, the update has been revealed when it was sent for translation purposes.


Below all upcoming new features are listed:

  • Share a precise location
  • Add captions to photos and videos
  • Crop and rotate photos
  • You can archive chats and groups
  • Better support for phones with high-resolution screens and more
  • No lag on media when scroll or zoom-in/out
  • Emoji will scroll with a swipe from top to bottom and change category with swipe on left or right
  • No noise from speaker when open app or chat

There are some really nice features on the way to the Windows Phone App Store, what do you think are you looking forward to this update, well at least I am. Thanks for reading.


Source: WMPowerUser & Reddit