AT&T version of Nokia Lumia 830 to get wireless charging out of box


Nokia Lumia 830 which is the most “affordable flagship” phone, is set to be launched next month. According to reliable sources, the 830 is set to launch on the 7th day of November which is also the same day, the HTC One (Windows Version) is expected to go on sale.

The 830 has the wireless charging capability however for many, it has still always been a doubt when it comes to the AT&T version.


The speculation says, AT&T has prepared the 830 with wireless charging capability out of box. Also, AT&T is expected to get the black/grey variant which means the Qi Wireless Charging should be built right into the device. Users also have the option to change the rear cover with other color options like Orange or Green. The Nokia Lumia 830 AT&T version has wireless charging unlike the 1520 version of AT&T.

In addition to this, sources tells that the Lumia 830 also supports the PMA standard through the availability of an accessory case for the Lumia 830.

PMA which stands for Power Matters Alliance is a wireless standard like the Qi. They are uncompromising and wants to downplay the Qi standard.

AT&T is more inclined towards the PMA standard while Microsoft prefers the Qi standard on their devices. In point of fact, AT&T publically supports PMA. The best example is the 1520 itself. The international version of the 1520 was shipped with the Qi standard wireless charging while the AT&T had a different idea. The AT&T version of the 1520 supported the PMA standard through a wireless charging shell and it required some complex/hi-tech soldering if you want to put Qi back into the phone.

Will this be the same case with the Lumia 830?

“If our information is accurate, Microsoft is reaching a middle ground with AT&T: Microsoft gets to keep Qi, but AT&T also gets their PMA option. For consumers, this is a win-win, since leaving the choice to the market is clearly the right way to go.”

PMA or Qi, whatever it is this is going to be a Win-Win for consumers.

Source – WPCentral