Windows 10 Technical Preview: Don’t use the Media Center with it


At the end of September, Microsoft presented its next generation Windows OS, already one day after the presentation the Technical Preview of the OS has been available as a public download for testing purposes. Like the event itself also Windows 10 is mainly aiming on business and enterprise customers again, and has not yet included all the consumer features which will be added in the upcoming weeks and months until the release sometime next year.


However, one of these features is the Windows Media Center, which existed in Windows 8(.1) but has not been included in Windows 10 yet. Some users used their key which they have got with Windows 8 to add Windows Media Center to the Technical Preview but this causes some problems and Microsoft is recommending not doing that.
The reason why Microsoft is warning users to not doing that is the following, this is a key to add the Windows Media Center to Windows 8 or 8.1. Now basically said if you enter such a key in Windows 10, the operating system thinks you are using Windows 8 instead of the Technical Preview and asks you to activate your system. Furthermore you are not able anymore to install any updates Microsoft provides for Windows 10. Since this is still a Preview it it is absolutely necessary to have the ability to install updates.


Luckily Microsoft is already aware of this problem and has also posted on heir forums about the problem. Below you can see what they wrote:


The blog post ends wih a recommendation of downloading the Windows 10 Technical Preview again and reinstall it to make sure that you will also get all updates provided by Microsoft in the future.
Since the Technical Preview expires on April 15th 2015 it is still a bit where you will have to use the Preview if you have currently installed it and therefor it is probably the best to reinstall it.
Let me know you thoughts about this problem in comments, and thanks for reading.


Source: Neowin