Bing gets the ability to show you song lyrics


Microsoft has, once again, brought some new features to Bing which can make everyday life easier. Since about a week now it is also possible to search for the lyrics of your most favorite song directly in Bing.

As you can see below, all information about your song will be displayed on the right side as usual. So for example from which interpret the song is, or on what album it is and so on. And it is also possible to listen to all of these songs directly with the Xbox Music Web App, which is pretty nice. In this way you can experience a whole album once you know one song of it.

In the main column the search results are shown and now there is this handy new addition that also lyrics of a whole song get displayed directly in the results. Of course there are tons of websites where you can search for your song lyrics, but most of them are just overloaded with really annoying ads everywhere. You will not have this problem with Bing.
Currently there are 500.000 songs in the Bing Library but Microsoft will update this regularly so that it will keep growing and it should be possible that we can completely rely on Bing for his in the near future.

Unfortunately there are not only pros about that, as it seems that this new feature of Bing is only available for Bing users from America and nowhere else. Tough there is also an easy way how you can access Bing USA without configuring a VPN or anything like this. You can go to the Bing settings and change your region to USA or you can just use the Bing Desktop application and set the location to USA. It is a nice searching tool for your desktop and you are able to use all features of Bing which Microsoft is currently offering.

So what do you think of this new feature for Bing, are you searching for song lyrics a lot? Let me know below in comments.

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