Verizon retires the Lumia Icon less than a year after launch.


Lumia Icon

The Lumia Icon was launched back in February this year, and less than a year later, it looks like Verizon has already retired the flagship Lumia device.

According to VerizonSupport’s twitter handle, they made it known that the Icon has been retired. What this means is that Verizon will still sell the Icon as long as they have it in stock but will not be reordering more stock. Checking Verizon’s website also confirms this as the Icon is no longer listed… ouch!

Verizon hasn’t made any official announcement, but do they really need to? They retire phones as they see fit and they really need to give an official announcement with reasons on why this decision was reached. It’s the normal cycle. With newer models of smartphones coming out almost every 6months, they have to make room for these newer models.



I, personally am impressed the Lumia Icon lasted this long on their shelves. If only we could get just how many Icons they sold in that period.

The Lumia Icon was a flagship Lumia but its downfall was its exclusivity to Verizon, as they were the only carrier to sell the Lumia 930 making it very limited in availability.

Though the Lumia Icon is on Verizon’s CDMA network, it does support GSM bands, it also has a SIM card slot for GSM networks and it is unlocked, you can get one off of eBay for just under $300, so maybe it is not all loom and gloom for those not on Verizon, looking to get one.

The Lumia 930 (which is the international unlocked variant of the Icon) is also available, but it’s much more pricier at $400+





So what do you guys