Why Windows 10? According to a Microsoft dev there is a plausible reason for it why not Windows 9



On 30th of September Microsoft has presented Windows 10, tough people where expecting Windows 9, Windows One or something like this, but this name was a completely surprise so you might be asking why Windows 10?
Well according to a ‘Microsoft dev’, not confirmed yet, on Reddit claims that Microsoft wanted to avoid issues related to Windows 95/Windows 98 legacy code.


So as you can see above the developer is claiming that if Microsoft would have chosen Windows 9 as the new name of its upcoming Windows OS, all classic applications with the above shown code would have been treated as either Windows 95 or Windows 98. To avoid this problem Microsoft simply called it Windows 10.

Well it is not a bad explanation but if this is true, probably we will never know for sure, what do you think do you believe this ‘Microsoft Dev’ from Reddit? Let me know below in comments.


Source: Reddit