Roundup: All we know about Windows 10 & Windows Phone 10




Yesterday on 30th of September Microsoft has introduced its new Windows version, Windows 10, in San Francisco. Unfortunately there was no live stream to follow the event tough it was a big event and beside the new features of Windows 10 Microsoft revealed also some other interesting things. If you are interested in the event you can now watch the whole event once again as Microsoft has posted it on YouTube. The Video is covering everything what Microsoft has announced yesterday at their event, but you will not be able to see anything about Cortana, the Notification center or Internet Explorer 12 because this will appear in a later preview version. Watching the video will still be worth it so have a look at it.

Windows 10

First of all Microsoft introduced the name of its upcoming Windows version. You might be wondering why Microsoft did not call it Windows 9 or Windows One or something like this, well Microsoft has justified this with saying this will it finally be, the OS they wanted to present the user already with Windows 8. The one OS for all devices, does not matter which size of device you are using, if Smartphone, Tablet or desktop PC all will get this OS. For this Microsoft has also introduced the ‘Continuum mode’ but I will come to this later in that article.
Of course they have also introduced the three new main Features of Windows 10, the Multi Desktop Feature, Windowed Apps and the reborn Startmenu.

The Startmenu

The Startmenu is like we all know it already from the leaks, build in a way that you have the well known startmenu from Windows 7 with the addition of the ability to pin apps to your startmenu, so you will basically have a small startscreen and the well known startmenu in one piece. Microsoft has Joe Belfiore has explained this by an example of a car. He said that people will get a new Tesla for example but they will not have to larn drving again. The same counts for the new Startmenu, which Windows 7 users are familiar with, the will not have to learn enything new.
But with the startmenu we have to talk also about the ‘Continuum mode’ which is mainly designed for convertible devices like the Surface. There you have the ability to use the devices as a tablet or as a Laptop depending on your current needs. With the ‘Continuum mode’ the device now recognizes if you are using it as a touch or as a dekstop device. If you are using it as a desktop device you will have the startmenu, and apps that are displayed in windows. As soon as you disconnect the Type Cover the Tablet knows that you are now in Touch Mode and asks you to switch to Tablet Mode. Now you have fullscreen Apps and the startscreen back. Also the startscreen changed a bit so that it looks now basically like an extended startmenu. Microsoft has also published a video where they are explaining the new ‘Continuum mode’ in detail, you can whatch it below.

Virtual Desktop

There is not much to say about that, we already know that a Virtual Desktop View is coming with Windows 10 Technical Preview. It is definitely a nice addition to the Windows OS, which OS X has already for some time. You will be able to run various programs on different desktops and it will not influence each other. However it is not yet possible to simply drag and drop an application from one desktop to another, but this feature might come in a later version of Windows 10.
The have also included another nice little feature concerning the Snap Mode. If you drag an open window to the right or left of your screen, then the program automatically fits to the half of your screen. So here is the new feature, if you have opened various programs at the same time and snap one to the side now, the he other opened windows will be showed on the other side an you can choose which one to display on the other half of the screen. You can also have a look at this feature


As Microsoft has now officially presented the Windows 10 Technical Preview it is time to download it. Before you are able o download the Preview, you have to register for the Windows Insider Program. The Preview is available as a 32bit version with about 3GB to download and as a 64bit version with about 4GB to download. The Preview will be provided as an ISO and can be installed just like every Windows OS from a bootable USB drive or DVD, it can also be used via a virtual machine. However it is also possible to install it directly without preparing a bootable disk, so you can boot the previously downloaded ISO file also in a virtual CD drive and install it. You will be able to decide if you want to keep your files, your settings or both, you can also say that you want to keep nothing at all. The installation will then create a Windows Old folder on your system hard drive where you can still access your old programs and files after the installation. Microsoft gives also some detailed information about the installation here
Microsoft is also recommending to not instal this Preview on one of your mainly used devices because it is still, as the name suggests, a Technical Preview, so there can be some serious bugs which can be annoying in everyday use. Of course Microsoft will continue updating the Preview, at least two times a month. At the beginning of the preview likely more often.
You can find the download links for both x64 and x86 version below.


Windows Insider

Microsoft has not only presented Windows 10, but also the Windows Insider Program which will come with the Technical Preview. As mentioned above you have to register for the Windows Insider Program to get the Technical Preview, but what is the new Windows Insider Program?
Microsoft decided to listen even more what the user wants, so they are launching a huge forum where you can exchange your thoughts on the Technical Preview with other users but also with the Microsoft team. You can also, and that is pretty nice, suggest features what you are still missing in Windows 10.
Microsoft is also saying that Windows 10 is an ongoing progress which will mature over the upcoming year and everybody can help and join the progress to make Windows 10 the most advanced OS ever.
To get an idea what the Windows Insider Program exactly is, you can also have a look at the Video below where Joe Belfiore is showing you the new features of Windows 10 and introduces you the Windows Insider Program.

Windows Phone 10

Microsoft did not talk about this in their presentation but afterwards it was possible to ask questions and one of these was, “We have Windows 10 now, will we also get Windows Phone 10?”, so to make it short it was a clear yes they answered with. So we will not only have the desktop OS to look forward to but also on the smartphone is the next big update already on the way.
Of course this will not be released in the upcoming weeks, we have to be more patient for this but it will come and that are great news. It seems that Microsoft has now finally found a way to make a unique OS for all platforms, not exactly the same UI, that was Windows 8, but it is an OS that will have a lot of similarities on all platfomrs and it will not take long to get the user used to it.


So this was a huge event from Microsoft, it did not take long, about 40 minutes, and they did not present a lot of new things, but they showed as their plans for the future and these are enormous, so what do you think about all this is it convincing you, let me know below in comments, and thanks for reading.