Lumia 830 now in stock in the US. Price tag: $449




The Lumia 830 is now available in the US.

Right now, for $449, you can get an unlocked Lumia 830 in the US via expansys.

They have all colors in stock: Black, White, Orange and Green.


Screenshot from 2014-10-01 11:27:10

Considering it is a mid-level flagship phone that have identical (if not better) specs than the iPhone 6 and and is cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is a pretty good deal. It is unlocked, so no carrier contract locking you down for 2 years.

Get the Lumia 830 now, if you are in the US for a chance to be be one of the first to use the latest Lumia Denim update.

So who is picking one up?