Microsoft launches its new MSN suite of Apps (hint: formerly Bing mobile apps)





Microsoft’s Bing apps (News, Sports, Finance, Travel, Food&Drink, Health&Fitness, Weather…) have now be rebranded to MSN apps.

If you have any of the Bing apps, you should have gotten an update that rebrands it to MSN.

Microsoft is set to re-image its once popular MSN brand, they revamped the website recently, giving it a sleek new modern look.

Today, we have a new suite of MSN apps (formerly Bing), though these apps are still powered by Bing.

These changes aren’t just on WIndows Phone devices alone, it also takes effect on Windows 8 PCs and mobile devices: Tablets.

Even across platform, as Android and iOS devices are set to get the rebranding also.

Windows Phone/Lumia are also set to be rebranded to just well “Windows” if rumors are to be believed.

Tomorrow, September 30th, Microsoft is set to unveil its latest versions of the world’s most popular desktop OS and it will be rebranded? Windows 9 or Threshold or Windows? we will see.


What do you think of all the re-imaging going on at Microsoft.

A good step in the right direction or just unnecessary.

Sound off in the comments below…