Nokia Lumia 830 already available on eBay


About two weeks ago Microsoft has presented the Nokia Lumia 730/735 and the Nokia Lumia 830 at the IFA 2014 in Berlin. Here are the specifications once again of the Nokia Lumia 830 if you are interested in:

Main camera sensor: 10 MP, PureView.

Display size: 5”.

Display resolution: HD720 (1280 x 720).

Processor name: Snapdragon 400.

Maximum talk time (3G): 14.8h.

Battery capacity: 2200mAh.

Wireless charging: Built-in (Qi standard).

Internal Storage: 16GB

Officially Microsoft will bring these devices at the beginning of October to the US but there is a chance to get one earlier. truedigital, a seller at eBay is offering the device already, but instead of the price announced by Microsoft, which would be 443$, you can get it there for 399$, initially it was available for even less. However this is a nice price but there is one thing why you should think about buying the device twice. You will not get the original packaging with the device, instead it will be shipped in a normal white box. Despite the box there is a USB cable and a wall charger included, probably the accessories which will also be included by Microsoft. Unfortunately no headphones are sold with the device, of course it is not sure yet if Microsoft will add some headphones but I don’t think so.
Currently there are 9 devices left to buy, 16 of the initially offered 25 devices have already been sold in the last 24hrs. For the readers from Europe or somewhere else except the USA, I have to disappoint you those devices only ship to the United States and nowhere else.

So what do you think is this a good tell, will you get you one or can you wait for the official release of the device in about 2 or 3 weeks? Let me know below in comments, thanks for reading.

Source WindowsPhoneArea