Internet Explorer 12 can already be tested via Developer Channel



Actually Microsoft has always released a new generation of its Internet Explorer browser with a new OS, but they are more concerned about the user now and update their browser more frequently which has definitely some positive effects. Like they have already released Internet Explorer 11 during Windows 8 they allow users now already to test version 12 of Internet Explorer, a still pretty successful browser.
Microsoft claims hat they want orientate more on what the user wants in the future and for this reason they provide the Internet Explorer 12 for testing purposes via Developer Channel. Everyone running Windows 7 (SP 1) or Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64) are able to download and test the browser. Mainly this will be for bug fixing and finalizing the release version, but maybe Microsoft will also add one or two features if there are high demands for specific ones.

Internet Explorer 12 gets Add Ons

So called Add Ons are browser extensions which are pretty helpful and really popular by various users and there are millions of them, some are productive and some are just helpful. Internet Explorer always supported sort of browser extensions but now he supports real Add Ons just like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox do. This will be a long awaited feature and one reason more for using the build in browser from Microsoft which works best in the Windows environment, does not matter if on Windows itself or Windows Phone.

HTTP 2.0

Faster, this is what HTTP 2.0 stands for, basically. HTTP is a web protocol which exists for about 15 years now, Microsoft is still using version 1.1 in the browsers before but in this new version 12 of the browser 2.0 will be build in. So why is browsing now faster, well to keep it simple HTTP 2.0 is compromising the protocol which the browser has to read, for that reason you can browse faster through the web because the protocol is now smaller.

Developer Channel

Microsofts Internet Explorer has lost a huge part of the marketshare, they initially had. The browser is currently gaining back marketshare but they have to continue working on their browser because the competitors aren’t sleeping. I think we can all admit that Google is their biggest competitor with their Chrome browser and they are taking care of their users with constantly updating their browser with improvements and new features.


Well now if you are interested in testing Internet Explorer 12 then choose your version and download it below:

Source: Inside Metro