MSN gets a new look


MSN is still a very popular page from Microsoft where you get updated with the latest news, you can access your Microsoft services like Outlook for example and also Bing is integrated so all in all it is a good choice as a homepage for your browser because you have access to pretty much everything concerning Microsoft products and services.
Now since Microsoft started the Modern UI look there have been a lot of design changes, first in Windows itself, of course also Windows Phone, then Office and after that Microsoft started to customize there web services. was one of the first online services to get these UI changes including OneDrive, Calendar and the Office Web Apps. Now also MSN is coming to this redesign party, a bit late but it seems very well organized and thought through now, the design is simple but beautiful and it is not lagging in functionality. The redesigned page is still in preview but a release should not take too long anymore as it seems that the site is almost ready for the final release.



At the top of the page you can now see the MSN symbol on the left, a Bing Search Bar in the middle and your Account & Settings on the right, if you have an account and if you are logged in ,otherwise your account will not be visible. Tough it will bring some advantages if you are logged in as I will explain in the article.
So as you can see below on the screenshot, when you click on the MSN symbol you will have different sections to choose from. There are first of all sections like Bing Sport, Bing Health & Fitness, Sections we already know from the Bing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app collection, however they have also added a few other sections like Lifestyle or Video where you can see the latest videos from MSN.
On the right side you can customize MSN and change settings for your account. So it is possible for example to change the displayed language or which News you want to see on your MSN site. There you can choose between different genres like cars or technology.



2 tools

Below is the Tools section as I call it, there you can find all Microsoft Web services, of course there is, then Microsoft Office Web apps, which has a nice feature if you are logged in because then you can see your documents from OneDrive there and can continue editing them which is pretty neat.
The next Web App is OneNote which also shows you your Notes saved in OneDrive, also a great new feature. Fourth tool is OneDrive, the online Cloud storage from Microsoft where you currently get 15GB for free, this is by the way more than competitors like Google or Drop Box are offering. They have also updated their cloud storage so that you are now able to upload files up to an file size of 10GB.
Next to it, there is the Bing Maps Web App which is of course also great that they have built that in. After that Twitter and Facebook are following where you can log in to see the last few Tweets and Facebook posts. The next big thing is Xbox Music which has been also integrated, there you are able to see songs in spotlight or if you click on it you get directed to Xbox Music online and last but not least there is Skype which shows you a link to download Skype o directs you to


3 information

The third section shows you the weather at your current place on the left, After that all the sections of Bing News are shown to navigate through the news if you are looking for a specific article or topic like technology or lifestyle for example. Currently it is also integrated there to exit the preview, whoever that wants with such a great new MSN Website.


4 news

And finally there are the news, where you can what happened in the last couple of hours on our planet.
Below the news are sorted again in the different sections you are interested in. To edit the news you can simply click on settings besides your profile picture at the upper right and there you have to click on ‘Customize this page’ what happens now is that a beautifully designed new window pops up where you can see all news genres Bing News is offering and you can also select or deselect new genres. This is also visible at the screenshot below.

5 customize

So what do you think of the new MSN Preview are you already using it or do you prefer the old look of MSN. According to my opinion it fits now way better in the new design strategy of Microsoft and I definitely like the change. Let me know your opinion in comments, thanks for reading.