Native Oculus apps for Windows Phone



Currently things are going good for Windows and Windows Phone, concerning the apps there has been a lot of progress in the last few months, of course there are still people who claim that the app gap is still existing an maybe it is existing, but this is a different story.
However a few days back, Oculus Rift, which is now owned by Facebook, had a press event to show off some new things. Oculus Rift is a small company which is developing virtual reality technology like the Samsung Gear which has been presented at the Samsung event earlier this year.
Now coming back to the steady progress of apps, which Windows Phone and Windows are making, also Oculus Rift will support at least one of the two platforms in the near future. As you can see at the foto below, they are planning to add also an app for Windows Phone so that this growing user base will not be left behind.


So pretty good news I think, sure this is nothing special it should be normal but it is in not yet and maybe this is the beginning of a time where Windows Phone user do not have to worry anymore if an app will also be released for their OS or if it is, like so often in the past, once again time to wait until the app comes, when the app comes at all.

Source: WPCentral