Windows 9 Technical Preview: Startmenu will change its color according to the theme


10 days to go until Microsoft will release the Technical Preview of Windows 9, but we know a few details already like the new startmenu, or the multi desktop view for instance. Today there leaked even more details concerning the upcoming startmenu.

Changing the color

As you can see below at the leaked screenshot of the Windows 9 Technical Preview, it will also be able to change the color of the startmenu. This will be in dependence of the currently used Design color. So like at the screenshot below, when you are using a purple or yellow theme and Background picture, also the startmenu will change its color to fit to the theme. This is just a small new feature but it makes Windows even more customizable and individual for every singe user.
According to an article which Paul Thurrot released today, the startmenu will be also resizable which are pretty good news when you think about on how many different screen sizes Windows 9 is installed.


Also for those of you who enjoy the current startscreen will be pleasured by Microsoft because it is also possible to continue using the startscreen by simply opening Navigation properties (with Search) and then clicking the Start menu tab there you have to select “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen.”, confirm this by clicking okay and everything will be like it was.
Here you can read detailed articles with all the specifications about the Notification Center, the Multi Desktop View and the upcoming Startmenu.
a So what do you think to these little new features, I think there will not be left very much to complain about anymore so we will see how the various tech websites will react to this when it is finally released, but at least I am satisfied already and I am looking forward to install the technical Preview.

Source: WinSuperSite, Via