Threema Messenger coming this autumn to Windows Phone



Windows Phone has already a couple of Messenger apps available to install like for example hike, WhatsApp or Telegram and so on but there is still missing one important messenger app in the Windows Phone app store, which has got more attention since Facebook has bought the WhatsApp Messenger service. What I am talking about is Threema.

What is Threema

Mobile Messaging gets more an more important in todays modern world, it is easier and mainly more economic to use that, than writing sms or mms, but there is one serious problem occurring when it comes to Mobile Messaging, the privacy of each user.
Because most of the messaging services are collecting user data for personalized ads or for selling it to other companies it is more and more important to have a service which you can rely on. Now there is a Swiss Messaging Service which is called Threema and has been founded by three young independent developers who wanted to create a secure service for messaging.
They offer quite a lot features to make modern messaging more secure, Threema uses true end-to-end encryption based on established and renowned cryptography. Text messages, group chats and all media (photos, videos, etc.) are encrypted on the sender’s mobile device and only decoded once they reach the recipient’s device. An additional encryption layer providing Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) ensures that the meta data (information regarding who communicates with whom) cannot be intercepted during transport. No one can intercept and read messages sent with Threema.
They are also trying to keep the time where the data is on the Threema serves as short as possible because Threema is designed to save most of its data on the users smartphone as a result there is not much saved in any cloud or on serves so nothing can get hacked for example and there is also no data to sell.

Coming in autumn

The Threema team has now confirmed on its official blog that a Windows Phone version of the messaging app is in progress and will be published in autumn. Unfortunately they have not yet specified a date for the release but at least they are working on an app. This are great news also for the Microsoft OS itself because with this service another important app is coming to Windows Phone, so the ‘app gap’ of Windows Phone gets smaller and smaller. Below you can see the official statement from Threema.


How important is security on the smartphone for you, are you going to test this new messaging service once it has been released for Windows Phone, let me know below in comments

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