Field Medic Windows Phone app by Microsoft



With Field Medic Microsoft has brought an important app to Windows Phone, especially for users of the developer preview, but also for normal users it is recommended to install this app.

Bug logging

First of all, if you are experiencing any problems with your Lumia device or any other Windows Phone, for example unexpected restarts of your device, like it was at the beginning of the release of the Nokia Lumia 920, then you can use this app to log this bug and upload it to Microsoft afterwards. And that is why I recommend this app especially to users of the developer preview because with this app everyone can help to debug the preview and as a result it may also be finalized faster.
To log a bug is pretty easy, all you have to do is to start the app and click on the first menu entry, called ‘start logging’ with a small bug presides, the app starts the logging now which will continue to run in the background so you can exit the app again. For the next step you should know how the bug occurs you have experienced and want to report. Once the error appeared go back to the app, and click on the first menu entry again .Now it will save the log file and all you have to do now is to give it a name, like ‘My phone keeps restarting’ for example and maybe also adding a description what you have done that the error occurred would be good. The good thing, Microsoft is now aware of the problem and fixes it soon, hopefully. The bad, the bug will continue to occur until an update gets released but hey the more people are the app using the better it is and Microsoft can find system flaws faster.
In the advanced section of the app you can also set which section of your phone, gets included when the app is recording, maybe you should have a look at this if you are experiencing a serious bug so that it gets recorded in any case.
When you click on the ‘View Reports’ menu entry you can also manage your saved Log Files.


Device Satus

The second menu entry is called ‘Device Status’ and there you can have a look at every single detail of your device and when I say every I really mean every detail of your device, you can have a look at the Build Information, Processor information, Memory information, Time information, Location information, Power information and a whole lot more. Probably not really interesting for normal users but of course it is important for developers or other superusers.
So what do you think of this app by Microsoft, are you using the developer preview or are you currently experiencing a regularly occurring bug if so install the app and let Microsoft know of your problem, I am pretty sure they will appreciate it. If you are interested in helping, download the app below.