Change default Screenshot & OneDrive Folder


In Windows 8, both the default OneDrive and the Screenshot folder can be changed easily which helps you for example like in my case if you have a small system SSD and a large HDD drive for your files.

Screenshot Folder

By default Screenshots captured with Windows 8 are saved to the Picture folder on your system hard drive, however if you want to change it for the above mentioned or other reasons you can do it and I show you here how to do that. First of all, how can you capture screenshots in Windows 8:

  • Using WinKey + PrntScr: The whole screen gets captured.
  • Using PrtScr key: Your screenshot can now be pasted in Paint or Word for example.
  • WinKey+Volume down: Use this method on a Surface tablet for example.
  • Share function on Charm Bar: Only for sharing, not for saving.

Now we know how to capture a screenshot, to change the default folder where your screenshots get saved, simply navigate to: C:\Users\User\Pictures and right click on the ‘Screenshot’ folder. There you have to select ‘Properties, once you are in properties navigate to the ‘location’ tap and there click on ‘move to’, all you have to do know is to choose your new preferred folder for your screenshots. There is also a button to restore to default folder if you want to get the default one back. As you can see below, I have already changed my folder path for the screenshot folder. By the way, these two screenshot you can see here have been capture with method 1, WinKey + PrntScr.


OneDrive Folder

By default the OneDrive Folder is also located on your system harddrive, you can find it by following this file path: C:\Users\User.
Now if you want to change this default folder location you basically have to follow the same steps like I have already explained above for the screenshot folder. First of all visit the path: C:\Users\User, and there you have to right click on the SkyDrive/OneDrive folder. Open properties and navigate to the location tap. Also there is a ‘Move to’ option where you can change the default folder to any location you prefer to use, like in my case again the second harddrive I have installed on my PC. Also the option to restore defaults is available here so do not worry changing anything because you can always go back to deafults and start all over again.
Below on the screenshot you can have another look, how this should look like.


So I hope I could help a bit with these two tips to make your life a bit easier, let me know your opinion in comments below, thanks.

Source: TheWindowsClub