Microsoft extends Windows Phone 7.8 support until October 14th



Back in June 2012 Microsoft has released Windows Phone 7.8 and now they silently have extended the update support for this version of Windows Phone. Originally the support should have last for 2 years, that would mean it have ran out on September 9th but now they have added a few weeks what means it will run out on October 14th.

Currently we do not know why Microsoft has extended the support for Windows Phone 7.8 but if you have a look at the user statistic of Windows Phone, you can see that still 19,2% of all Windows Phone users are using the 7.8 Version, maybe that is the cause for extending the support for it.

However another major update is not expected for Windows Phone 7.8, this support extension only means that security updates will be provided until this new expiration date if some security flaws occur but this should not happen anyway because Windows Phone 7.8 is known as a pretty secure OS.

Source: WPCentral