Lumia Colors. We want more.




Before Nokia launched their Lumia series, touch-enabled smartphones pretty much came standard in one color: BLACK.

And when they did release the Lumia 800/900 in multiple colors: Cyan, White, Magenta, other phone manufacturers thought it was a joke. But it wasn’t, it was a hit, you could now accessorize (ladies know what I’m talking ’bout).

Nokia later released the Lumia 920 in magnificent glossy yellow and other colors. HTC followed suit with vibrant colors too in its windows phone series.


Motorola is also taking order for custom colors when you build your Moto X.

Nokia started this trend with Black, White, Cyan and Magenta, a year later, it was Black White Yellow and Red

This year, Nokia focused on 4 colors, Black, White, Orange and Green.

The interesting question is what new colors would you love to see used on future Lumia devices? Maybe next year?




I would love to see the grey (with matte finish) re-introduced on a flagship Lumia device.

What’s your color?