Office Lens App finally allows to import captured documents to Word and Power Point


Some time ago Microsoft has released the Office Lens app for Windows Phone, which turns your Smartphone into a high quality document scanner, now there has been released another major update for this app. If you have already updated your app to Version 1.1.3306.0 you are now able to import your captured documents and whiteboards to Microsoft Office Word and Office Power Point, there you can even edit them.

office lens

Full feature list of the Update

  • Captured documents can be converted to Word & Power Point documents, afterwards they can be saved to OneDrive.
  • For Word documents, all the text, formatting and layout gets recognized and converted so that it can be edited later on.
  • For PowerPoint documents, all the handwritten text gets converted into drawings which you can customize, change or delete later on in PowerPoint.
  • Office Lens app is now more stable.

Below you can see a short tutorial from Microsoft which shows you how to convert your pictures into documents.

In general Office Lens is a useful app for scanning documents, business cards, restaurant menus or whiteboards, even if you do not get the perfect angle the app displays the full document from the front, afterwards they get automatically saved in OneNote on OneDrive. With the latest Update it is also possible to convert the captured picture into Word or Power Point documents.


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