Windows 9 Technical Preview: Storage Sense & WiFi Sense


Another leak concerning Windows 9 appeared at the WinFuture website about two features Windows Phone users are able to enjoy already. What I am talking about are the Storage Sense and the WiFi Sense features, which came with Windows Phone 8.1 for the smartphone and it seems that it will also come for Windows probably because it can be really helpful if you are using a tablet with Windows.
Both new features are appearing in the leaked Build 9834 where the Storage Sense application is already included in the Settings App of Windows, so you can see a menu entry called Storage Sense.

Storage Sense


Storage Sense is a really helpful App which already exists for Windows Phone and has been introduced by Microsoft with Windows Phone 8.1. Basically said you can manage the internal and external storage of your Windows Phone in a comfort and nicely designed way with it. Now in the leaked Windows 9 Build 9834 when you click on Storage Sense, in the settings app, you can see ‘Overview’ and ‘Default save locations’. The Overview will show you what files are currently using the space on your hard drive and it gives you also the possibility to free up some disk space, this will be helpful especially on a tablet where your space is often limited.
The Default save locations option gives you the ability, as the name already suggests, to change the default save location of your photos or music which you are syncing with your Windows device. Pretty neat feature, according to my opinion, where it is possible to make an external device your preferred save location but unfortunately it is not yet possible to simply set a specific path where your media should be saved. Tough it is useful on a tablet where you are able to connect a removable MicroSD Card or an USB Stick.

WiFi Sense

Also the WiFi Sense application will possibly find its way to Windows in the near future, it has been found already in the registry but not yet in the settings app or somewhere else. On Windows Phone WiFi Sense can automatically connect you to open WiFi networks that other Windows Phone users have crowdsourced by connecting to them. These are typically open WiFi hotspots you see when you are out and about. When one of these crowdsourced hotspots is in range, WiFi Sense can connect you to it automatically to give you Internet access. It is also useful to exchange WiFi access with contacts so that you do not have to hand them password and name of the WiFi network over. Maybe this will be included in the Technical Preview which gets most likely released to the public at an event on September 30th by Microsoft. So it will be possible also with Windows to automatically connect to open WiFi networks or sharing the Internet access with your friends.

Source: WinFuture