6cret Windows Phone App finally available



Rudy Huyn has already published his 6cret app in the Windows Phone store once, but has removed it again after several hours due to a bug concerning the Facebook login. However the app is now back in the store and can be, as all apps from Rudy, downloaded for free.

The latest app from Rudy Huyn is for the popular social network ‘Secret’ which is basically a social network where are no usernames existing, it is about anonymous sharing, all you can see is the city where the post comes from or if the post comes from a friend of you. The freshly released app gives you the possibility to explore the social network, read anonymous posts and of course creating new ‘Secrets’, what it is called in the app. Therefore all you need is a thought you want to share and eventually a photo which fits the thought. There is even the possibility to to make a survey about your thought so that you can see if others agree with you or not.

When you have published your new post it is possible for others to comment or like it but you will not see any usernames underneath your post, also cities of the commenters are not displayed because there are not any. However if you are doing a survey, the post can not be liked but commented.


If you are already using one or two apps from Rudy Huyn like for example the lately re released Tinder app, then you already know that his apps are always beautifully designed and do not lack of features. The Secret app is proof for that, again. Yes there was huge bug with the Facebook login at first release, but Rudy has immediately pulled the app from the store, fixed it and released it again. Additionally all apps are to download where the ability to upgrade is always offered so that no advertisement is displayed.

I haven’t got that much time yet to test the app but I did not have so bad experiences with the social network Secret so far, it is nice for a change to all the other social networks like Twitter, Facebook & Co, and the 6cret app is doing well for exploring this network. You can download the app below.


Do you like the new app from Rudy Huyn, let me know below in comments.