Microsoft expands upload limit for OneDrive



As we have already reported a few days ago Microsoft has increased the upload limit for files on OneDrive. Initially this has been reported on Reddit and there was no official statement until last week when the OneDrive team from Microsoft has officially confirmed that the upload limit is now up to 10Gb per file for all OneDrive desktop, mobile and web clients. This change will also come for business customers. This might be the biggest news but there is even more, they have also announced better and faster syncing for uploading files, the ability to upload folders via the web client, and Dropbox like sharing functions.

Larger Files

Microsoft has recently increased the storage for free users up to 15 GB, so for everyone who uses an OneDrive account without any additional monthly fees. They have also increased the storage for Office 365 Users up to 1TB, what is amazing by the way. And now according to the OneDrive Blog from Microsoft they have also increased the upload limit to 10 GB per file because they have realised that people do not only have more but also bigger files. This increase includes all desktop clients, for Windows & MAC, all of the mobile apps and the OneDrive website. This are also great news for current Windows Phone Users because it increases the storage of your phone for 15GB were you can now store even bigger files.
It is not yet available for business users but the OneDrive team is working hard to make this also available for them as soon as possible.

Faster syncing

To make the experience with OneDrive even better they have also increased the number of parallel up- and downloads at a given time on PCs and MACs, according to internal tests this can increase speed of the uploading and downloading progress of files up to 3 times, which is not bad at all. This improvement will roll out worldwide in the upcoming weeks.

Faster sharing straight from Windows Explorer

Also sharing for your files stored on OneDrive is now easier, you do not have to use the browser for this anymore, at least not when you are using the OneDrive Desktop application on Windows 7 or 8. By clicking right on the file you want to share you can simply choose the option ‘Share a OneDrive link’, this will creat a link and add it to your clippoard so you can paste it somewhere for example in Skype or Facebook Messenger for sharing. Also this feature has began to roll out and should be available for every user in the upcoming days or weeks.

Folder upload via OneDrive Web Application

The fourth new feature of OneDrive is the ability to just drag and drop whole folders at the OneDrive website in your browser and it will sync the folder without the need to sync each single file in it.


So there are some nice features coming for the Cloud Service OneDrive from Microsoft, I am pretty impressed, what do you think, are you still missing any feature, let me know below in comments. By the way, if you do not know that already, it is also possible to ask for new features at the OneDrive Uservoice Site, there you can also upvote existing suggestions.

Source: OneDrive Blog