Windows 9 Technical Preview: Video of Notification Center leaked


There have been lots of leaks now about the upcoming Windows 9 Update, which will be likely presented by Microsoft at an event on September 30th as a Technical Preview. has made to get a copy of the not yet public released Preview and so we were able to have a look at the new features with leaked screenshots and three videos of the Startmenu and the Multi Desktop View.

However they have posted yet another video and this time it is all about the upcoming Notification Center for Windows 9, in the screenshot below you can see how it looks like, tough it seems that this is just a basic integration and it will get more advanced during the preview program.

Notification Center

As you can see on the screenshot, the notification center will show you all social notifications like from Skype, Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t matter however if there is a notification from a desktop application or from the system itself like if you want to safely remove an USB Stick from your pc or you are connecting one.
From now on everything will remain in the notification center until you mark it as read, which brings me to the next point.

To mark your notifications as read you can do that by clicking on a little X of each notification, you can click on a X besides the symbol of the app so that all notifications of this specific app are marked as read or like we know it already from Windows Phone you can also click on ‘Clear All’ and all notifications will get swiped away to the right. In the video below you can have a look at all the features of the notification center.

So what do you think of the Notifications Center, you have to keep in mind that this seems to be a basic integration for the preview and it will be updated regularly from Microsoft during the Preview program, let me know in comments what you like about it and what not.

Source: WinFuture