My Go’s GoFone gives us a first look at alleged “Windows” smartphone branding


my-go-gofone-windows-phone-06_storyMicrosoft has been boasting recently that since February, 14 new OEM’s and 22 devices have been added to the Windows Phone catalog. Now as of yesterday, we can count My Go as another welcome addition, with their new GoFone Windows smartphone. And no, that wasn’t a typo, as it seems this phone will come with the ‘Windows’ branding in lieu of ‘Windows Phone’.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 12.04.22 PMThis certainly fuels the fire about Microsoft’s alleged rebranding of Windows Phone in an effort to provide a unified experience across devices. It also makes it a bit less awkward to say “Windows phone” than it is to say “Windows Phone… phone”. And while the UK company hasn’t given an official word on the device, the website is very much open, albeit with a “Confidential – Internal Use Only” label at the top indicating that they’re not quite ready yet. Still, the website is probably one of the best representations of a Windows smartphone that I’ve seen (Nokia/Microsoft take note). It’s colorful, it shows off the device well, and it has moving images demonstrating some of the features like Shape Writing and the Action Center.

my-go-gofone-windows-phone-05_storyAs for the device itself, we’re looking at a very handsome phone with a nice spec sheet. It has a 4.7″ HD ISP¬†Asahi Dragontail screen, making it super tough. It also helps make the phone very thin, coming in at a slim 7.2mm and making it a close contender with the iPhone 6. It also weighs merely 95 grams, making it much lighter than the iPhone. Inside the device houses a Snapdragon quad-core processor, Bluetooth 4.0, and a “large” 1800mAh Li-Polymer battery. Interestingly, My Go opted not to use the typical Windows Phone navigation keys, instead using a circle and two dots for the home button and back/search keys respectively. This could potentially cause some confusion for users who are new to Windows, though I’d be lying if I said it didn’t at least look nice.

Here’s the spec list:

  • 4.7″ HD WXGA (1280×800) ISP screen
  • Asahi Dragontail scratch-resistant glass
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • 1GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage (MicroSD support up to 32GB)
  • 3G WCDMA/WiFi
  • 8MP rear camera w/autofocus and LED flash, 2MP “Selfie” cam
  • Dual SIM
  • 1800mAh battery

Pricing and availability are as yet unknown, at least until My Go officially launches the device. But my the looks of it, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

Meanwhile, what do you think of Microsoft’s plans to rebrand Windows Phone?

Source: My Go via WinBeta