IE Data Savings & Cellular Data Apps for Windows Phone from Microsoft



In this short article I am presenting you two neat little apps from Microsoft for Windows Phone which you might not know yet. What I am talking about is the freshly released IE Data Savings App on the one hand and the Cellular Data App which is already for a year in the Windows Phone App Store on the other hand.

IE Data Savings


The beginning will do the IE Data Savings app which can be helpful if you have a strict data plan for your Windows Phone and you have to save every MB possible.

When you start the app for the first time it will probably throw you a message shown at the screenshot beside, therefore you have to enable ‘Browser Data Saving’ the ‘Data Sense app. For doing that, just swipe to the left on your homescreen to get to the app list and there search for data sense. Once you have found the app open it and click on the little gear at the bottom to open the settings of the app. In settings scroll down until you can see something called ‘Browser Data Savings’. This is turned off by default but you can click on off and the you have to choose between ‘standard’ ‘high’ and ‘automatic’, I recommend you to choose ‘automatic’ because this will base the savings on what you have entered how much internet is included in your data plan. However once you have done this exit the Data Sense app and switch back to the IE Data Savings App, from now on the app will show you how much data you have already used and of course it shows you also how much you have saved. Download the App below:

download ie data savings

Cellular Data


And here is the second app which can be helpful if your spending a lot time in turning your cellular data on and of or if you are changing settings there a lot.

Unfortunately Microsoft has not yet integrated this in the Action Center shortcuts but at least Microsoft has made an app for it, so maybe this is a consolation for some of you. Basically this is also just a shortcut to the settings section ‘Cellular+SIM’ just that this is not integrated in the Action Center but you will have to pin this to your startscreen. Fortunately the have integrated a Live Tile which shows you the Data Settings which are currently in use and it updates the tile every 30 minutes. So there are not only downs about that, because this would not be possible if this is integrated in the action center.

Tough I hope, and I think you agree with me, that Microsoft should integrate this feature also in the Action Center, because it is just easier and faster to access from there. Furthermore also the two competitors Android and iOS have integrated this so it would not be bad if Microsoft has integrated this also.


Hope you like these two apps, let me know in comments below what you think of this.