Windows 9 Technical Preview: Video of Multi Desktop leaked


Currently massive new leaks are hitting the web every day concerning the next big thing from Microsoft, the Windows 9 Update which should fix all their problems, finally. According to the information we have for now it seems that Microsoft is likely to present the Windows 9 Technical Preview Update on September 30th at a press event, this gets more and more confirmed because in the past few days screenshots of all new features, Windows 9 will provide, have leaked, a video showing the new startmenu and all its features in detail has leaked and now there is one another video about the virtual desktop leaked. So it doesn’t seem that there is much missing anymore for the release as a Technical Preview.

Currently the Multi Desktop View can be simply launched by clicking on a button at the Task Bar beside the search button. If you click it, you are able to see all desktops, the programs which are running there and you can add or close a desktop. Unfortuanetly it is not yet possible to simply drag and drop programs from one virtual desktop to another one, but I am almost sure that this will also come.

What a nice upcoming feature, do you also like it, let me know below in comments.

Source: WinFuture