[Update] Windows 9 Technical Preview: Video of startmenu leaked


Yesterday we have already posted the leaked Screenshots of the Windows 9 Technical Preview and they show a few interesting new features. Today another video leaked apparently from the same source because it came, like the leaked screenshots, from WinFuture.de. However this video shows the startmenu and its new features in detail.

So we know now that the new startmenu will be optional to use, there is still the possibility to use the startscreen where you have pinned all your apps. However you can pin your apps also to the new startmenu but it may not look as good as at the startscreen if there are more than about 10 apps pinned, especially bigger tiles like the weather tile look better at the startscreen, according to my opinion. Tough it is important to give users an alternative to the startscreen, because maybe now people get the idea of the extended startmenu –> the startscreen when it is possible to pin apps to the startmenu and they run out of space, as a result they could be using the startscreen again, we will see.
At 0:19 in the video, when the ‘All Apps’ section gets opened and we can see all currently installed apps, another interesting feature or actually an app which is called ‘Remind Me’ is shown. This could be an indicator for Cortana coming with Windows 9 or at least a sort of Cortana in the Technical Preview and the final version gets included in the final Windows version.

So what do you think of the startmenu with all its new features, let me know in comments. I like it actually I think its not that bad.

Source: WinFuture


Another video appeared today which shows, what the upcoming startmenu looks like without tiles pinned to it. So there is both, the startmenu for App Users and the startmenu for users who just want back the old desktop.

Source: WinFuture