Windows 9 aka Threshold will come with notification center



Currently it seems that we can expect the Windows 9 aka Threshold technical preview on September 30th and two of its most important features will be the returning startmenu and the notifications center. According to NWPBlog, new information of the upcoming notifications center leaked today.

The behavior of the notification center from Windows 9 will be the same in some ways like the one we already know from Windows Phone 8.1, tough there will be some differences. The most significant is that, in Windows Phone it is possible to just swipe down to get to the notification center, in Windows 9 however you will have to click on a system tray icon as you can see above on the leaked screenshot.
All notifications of your installed apps which support this feature will be shown in there, and they will also be sorted by app just like on Windows Phone. There ar three ways to mark you notifications as read, the first one is a button ‘Clear All’, the second one is to delete one notification by one and the third way is just to scroll down and your notifications will be marked as read.

Unlike the Windows Phone version, this notification center will of course not consume the whole desktop. It will be a limited window, shown at the bottom right, or depending where your System Tray Icons are shown. Personally I hope they will change this in the final version so that it is possible to swipe in from the left and instead of the charms bar the Notification center will be shown. In my imagination it could then consume the whole desktop in hight and a few centimeters in width, would be more elegant I think but we will see.

Currently it seems that the notification center will also get a simple and clear white background. However I am looking forward to the technical preview of Windows 9 and this great new feature. What do you think of this, do you like it, let me know below in comments.

Source: WPNBlog