DerreLeaks: Photos leak smartphone bezel with Microsoft branding


Facade-Microsoft-Phone-02With Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s mobile division, we’ve been seeing rumors lately that going forward Microsoft will remove the Nokia branding from future smartphones. It seems that some proof of these plans has come to light, with some leaked photos showing an unknown bezel with the Microsoft branding in lieu of Nokia’s own.

The site, received photos from a reader of what appears to be the bezel for the first Microsoft-branded smartphone. WPCentral checked to see if they were manipulated in any way and cannot seem to prove that it was, giving legitimacy to the photos.

Facade-Microsoft-Phone-01What remains unclear is if this is a current device or a brand new one that we have not yet seen. WPCentral seems to think that this could be the Lumia 735 once it goes on sale at Verizon in the US given that there are no hardware navigation buttons, though the bezel on both the top and bottom seem much thinner in the photo than that of the Lumia 735, making me think that this is a new device altogether.

It is likely that we are to see the rebranding in a few months time, which could indicate that a new device is soon to be announced before or around the holidays. It also means that the Lumia 730/735 and the Lumia 830 could be the last Nokia branded smartphones that we’ll see.

Source: NoWhereElse (translated) via Phone Arena