Microsoft to drop Nokia brand from future Lumia phones




We just may have seen the last Nokia branded Lumia devices with the Lumia 730 and 830 which were announced last week.

As reports coming from techsite: GeekOnGadgets says the Nokia brand will be stripped  from future Lumia devices once these 2 devices become available.

They are also reporting that the “phone” from “windows Phone” will also be removed. This is already evident as we can see from the “HTC One for Windows” not “for Windows Phone” anymore.

This is interesting as Microsoft is well on course to fully merge windows phone and windows RT as part of Windows 9 being released early next year.



This leads to the question; have we seen the last Windows Phone 8.1 devices in the 730 and 830? The next Windows Phone could be the 1030 with a new OS, new brand name?

When Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division, they also bought the Lumia brand (not the Nokia brand). I was actually surprised Microsoft has been putting out Nokia branded devices all year!

We do see the “Microsoft Mobile” label on the Lumia 830, they got rid of the Nokia brand there.

So the bottom line here is, if these reports are true, we could see the successor to the 1030 with a new branding

What do you think? If it too early to stop using Nokia to sell Lumia phones? Or is this a good strategy?



Source: GeekOnGadgets