Lumia 735 coming to Verizon?



Looks like the Lumia 735 will be available on multiple vendors in the US after all.

The guys at Windows Phone Central have learned that the Nokia Lumia 730 will be available through Verizon Wireless in the coming weeks.

Though Verizon hasn’t made any official announcements, @evleaks also made this claim a while back that Verizon would be picking up a Nokia device codenamed: Superman (which was eventually confirmed as the 730).

And after S.Elop announcement that At&t will be picking up the Lumia 830 later this year, it is left for T-Mobile to announce their offering of either one of 730 or 830.

In this new era of Lumia and windows phone, Verizon looks to be leading the pack with the Lumia 930, the HTC One M8 and Samsung Ativ SE already on their shelves, a spot once held by At&t, having launched just the Lumia 1520 all year.

I hope Microsoft has learned from past mistakes and launch on as many carriers as possible…


Source: WPCentral