Lumia 1030 in the making?


The first Pureview device (808 Pureview) which was unveiled at the MWC 2012, was the first cutting edge technology in Smartphone Cameras. This was publicized by Jo Harlow who is the Corporate Vice President of the Phones Business Unit at Microsoft. Later the same technology was put into operation on the Lumia 1020 however, it has been a year since the 1020 was launched and we still haven’t heard about its successor. Also, the expectation became high after the launch of the Camera Centric devices yesterday.

Right after the Microsoft Press Conference at Berlin yesterday, Tech Radar a blogging group confirmed with Jo Harlow about the iteration of the 41MP Mobile Camera and Microsoft did confirm that the next gen camera mobile device is in the making (indirectly)! Though, Jo Harlow spoke about “computational photography” (not about the next 41MP sensor) this reckons MS is doing something bigger which again might imply a monster camera device like the 1020. Isn’t that a hot news!?


Harlow said, “Absolutely – we’re not end of the mission in camera technology, or in computational photography. We continue to invest in that area to bring the next greatest thing in high end imaging.”

However, Harlow did not utter a word about the timeline on when this would be available and I hope this would be to be had by early next year!

I wanted to see the Pelican and the Cannon technologies both in action on the so called Lumia 1030 from the time when the agreement was made.  We all expect a good Camera clarity from the mobile makers however the usability, adaptability and the convenience also matters. How many know how to use a DSLR? (Not like how we use the point and Shoot cameras). This leads to a question, where will this lead to? A DSLR powered Smart Phone? Now this is what I call the wow factor. Not only that, the finger print scanner, touch pad, stylus so on and so forth are also the wow factors. Samsung and Apple are also working hard on the WOW factor though most “Wow” features tend to be publicity stunts in the long run and so Microsoft will have to consider that before fixing the Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR’s) on to the Lumia devices. First the Zoom, next was the low light Photography and now what? Nokia/MS still haven’t got their hands on Macro technology and I am really looking forward to this innovation from Nokia. I also felt that Evan Blass the notorious leaker (Evleaks) should have retired after he had leaked the 1030. No word yet about the successor of 1020 infers Microsoft is working on something big and latest. Possibly we could expect 1530, 1330 and the 1030 in the near future and I am really excited to know what Microsoft will bring us!

Let us know your concepts and thinking about the upcoming Lumia 1030, on the comments section below!

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Source – TechRadar & PureviewClub