Lack of Popular Facebook Games on Windows Phone. a DealBreaker? or not?



Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network boasting of 1.25Billion+ monthly active users according to latest reports from Statista.

These users are just posting statuses, chatting, making comments, liking comments or posting vacation videos and pictures.

They also play games with friends through Facebook. Take for instant, Candy Crush Saga which attracts 100 million active monthly users, or the steady rise of Clash of Clans, Farmville 1&2, Dragon City, Pet rescue saga and more…

In fact, the top 20 Facebook games (according to gamechitah) attract an average of 10million active monthly users.


Rank Games Monthly Active Users
1 Candy Crush Saga 100,000,000
2 Texas HoldEm Poker 10,000,000
3 Dragon City 10,000,000
4 8 Ball Pool 10,000,000
5 FarmVille 2 10,000,000
6 Pet Rescue Saga 10,000,000
7 Subway Surfers 10,000,000
8 Criminal Case 10,000,000
9 Farm Heroes Saga 10,000,000
10 Hay Day 10,000,000
11 Clash of Clans 10,000,000
12 Papa Pear Saga 10,000,000
13 Trivia Crack 10,000,000
14 Words With Friends 5,000,000
15 Diamond Dash 5,000,000
16 Bubble Witch Saga 5,000,000
17 Pool Live Tour 5,000,000
18 Top Eleven Be a Football Manager 5,000,000
19 Pyramid Solitaire Saga 5,000,000
20 Monster Legends 5,000,000


Of these top 20 games, only four are available on Windows Phone:

– Texas Holdem Poker

– Words with Friends: which recently got a major overhaul to make it relevant again.

– Subway Surfers

– Pool Live Tour: recently released, good to see it on the Windows Phone platform but is still a bit buggy and controls are tacky.


Bottom line is… It’s not looking good for Windows Phone OS when it comes to Facebook games, and I do not know what or if Microsoft is doing anything to court this developers to bring t their games to the Windows Phone platform.

Are the lack of Facebook games on WP a factor in the smartphones wars and closing the app gap?

Is the availability of your favourite facebook game(s)  on WP a deal breaker for you when deciding if you want a Windows Phone?

Do you think Microsoft’s doing enough to bring popular Facebook games to the WP platform?

And lastly, are you content with the number of quality and official apps on the WP platform today?


Sound off in the comments below