Lumia exclusive Glance Screen Features coming with Lumia Denim Update



Today was a good day in Berlin for Microsoft (and Nokia), they have really introduced a lot new things, two new devices, the Nokia Lumia 830 and the Nokia Lumia 730/735, they have released new accessories for our loved Windows Phones and they have also talked about future Updates for Lumia devices. We have already published an article about the upcoming Lumia Denim Update which will be available in Q4 but will come preinstalled on the 830 and 730/735, but there is one fascinating new feature coming I like the most.


With the Lumia Denim Update there will finally come more possibilities to the awesome Glance Screen feature which is still exclusive to Lumia devices, except the HTC One M8 for Windows which has a similar feature.
However below in the picture you can see that it will also be possible to display for example the weather on the glance screen, which is pretty neat. But not only that, Microsoft announced today that the Bing Weather and the Bing Health & Fitness App will be capable of interacting with the glance screen for now. Imagine the possibilities of the Live lockscreen and the new Glance Screen, that’s just awesome, the time is near where we don’t even have to unlock our Windows Phones anymore because you’ll have all important features at a glance or on your Live lockscreen, of course including Cortana as we can already see it at the HTC One M8 for Windows with the Dot View Cover.
Of course the Live lockscreen is still in beta and really needs some performance updates but it seems like Microsoft was busy working on new devices, accessories and updates. I think if we give Microsoft just enough time they will make the lockscreen feature more enjoyable and then it will work perfectly together with the Glance screen and as soon as the API for this goes public, aslo third party apps will be able to interact with the Glance and the Lockscreen.

Source: WPCentral
Source: WPCentral

So thanks for reading, what do you think of this upcoming feature, let me know in comments below.