Even More Leaked Pics Of The Nokia Lumia 830



Well the time is almost here Sept 4th in Berlin where we expect the announcement of 2 devices that we know of so far, the Lumia 730 & the Lumia 830.   In typical fashion the leaks are becoming more and more rampant. Today WPDang has released probably the best leaks of the Lumia 830 to date. This time the photos reveal a removable back shell, wireless charging, 10mp PureView camera, & a removable battery . I like the option of the removable covers, with various colors Microsoft puts out its a welcome sign to be able to get the color of your choice if this is the actual case. Check out the pics below and share your thoughts on the Lumia 830.

WPDang_Lumia-830-3WPDang_Lumia-830-4 WPDang_Lumia-830-5 WPDang_Lumia-830-6

Source: WPDang