HERE Maps launching for Android, exclusively for Samsung



Yesterday Samsung unveiled its brand new Smartwatch, the Gear S which will feature a 2″ AMOLED display, 1GHz Dual Core processor and Turn-By-Turn pedestrian navigation provided by HERE Maps. Today the HERE Service part from Nokia announced its plans for the future and they are big. An App for the Tizen OS for wearables from Samsung will be launched and also Android support will come for the first time but they have a special license agreement with Samsung what it makes exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices for now, and it will be released as a Beta version.

One of the advantages will be the ability to synchronize routes between the Gear S Smartwatch and various Samsung Galaxy devices with Android or Tizen.


The exclusive partnership between Nokia’s HERE and Samsung is definitely to get up against Google’s Maps services but the great thing is one important feature which Windows Phone users are already long aware of, true offline navigation. HERE Maps for Windows Phone is existing almost from the beginning on, and they have been the first which have provided offline navigation completely free, however also Android users will now have this possibility, so they will be able to download maps of whole countries to navigate also without an data connection or abroad.
Currently when you are using Google Maps on an Android device you will not pay for the GPS connection, tough Google Maps always has to down and upload small amounts of data to arrive at your targeted place, there is only the possibility to make small sections offline available.

Like with the current Google Maps App, HERE provides for each search also a way via public transport, driving or walking to get to your destination. There are also some extra filters where you can disable toll roads for example.


Currently HERE Maps is available in about 200 countries world wide and about half of these are already covered with Turn-By-Turn navigation.
The Android version however will also get a feature which is not available yet in the current Windows Phone version. Glympse, a service which allows you to share your location in real time, will be integrated so that you will be able to share your location to friends when you are on the with your car for example.


This is another big step from HERE in the right direction, making their maps service available for Android is really great, of course it is a shame that it will not be available for all devices but I am pretty sure that this will also come in the near future. So what do you think of this massive change, do you like it, let me know below in comments.

Source: HERE Three Sixty