My 5 Windows 8.1 features I would love to see on Windows Phone


Microsoft is making steady progress in unifying both its desktop and mobile platforms. But there is still much to be desired…

Let’s look at 5 pretty cool features on Windows 8.1 Desktop I would love to see on Windows Phone.

Picture password:

After the popular maze unlock feature was released on Android, it opened up a world of possibilities, since then different methods of unlocking your phone emerged, Microsoft came up with their own unique method (on Windows 8.1), the picture password; this allows you to upload a picture and make a pattern on it to use as your password.

This is one cool feature a lot of Windows Phone users have asked for and with the new live Lockscreen launched last month (though still in beta), we just might not be far from this being possible on Windows Phone.


I ¬†recently using my Windows 8 laptop to set up an alarm, when I saw the alarm UI, it reminded me so much of MeeGo’s.

Also I would love to see this on Windows Phone, built in.

Double Tiles:

These are definitely coming to WP, it is just a matter of when. Rumour has it we could see this in the very next update to Windows Phone 8.1


UI/UX for Windows Store:

Another UI design I would love to see is the Windows store, although Microsoft revamped its WP store with the new Windows Phone 8.1 update, imho it still lacks in aesthetics, still looks cluttered, there just isn’t enough info displayed one screen at a time and it looks boring most times. And why isn’t there a light theme support

The Windows Store on the other hand, I like very much, the UI/UX is just appealing.


Real-time Multitasking:

Microsoft revolutionalized the way we multitask on Desktop OS, dragging a window to either the left or right edge of the screen snaps it in position to take up half the screen automatically, so you can place 2 windows and multitask effortlessly, this was first introduced on Windows 7 and has since been adopted by other platforms and Microsoft has since improved it, so you can snap up to 4 windows, there isn’t any real time multi-tasking on Windows Phone yet, but it is a feature that would be very welcomed.

We could see some of these features when Windows Phone 9 (codenamed: Threshold) becomes available next year, there are already rumors of the 2-window multi-tasking coming to the new O/S.


So do you use both Windows 8.1 and a Windows Phone? What feature(s) from the desktop version would you love to see ported to Windows Phone? Or even vice versa?