A switch from iPhone to Lumia



Credit: AllAboutWindowsPhone
Credit: AllAboutWindowsPhone

Sometimes it’s a little hard to imagine a world where Windows Phone is prevalent, none more so than right here in the US. Americans have a long-burning affection for any mobile device made by Apple or Samsung it would seem, and with Windows Phone only clinging onto around 3% of the market, it does slightly startle me when I discover someone actually choosing a Nokia Lumia phone over the competition.

Case in point: Blogger Aimee Giese. Aimee has written a great post describing how she gave Lumia a go, and fell in love with it. It is a beautifully written piece with Aimee describing how she found everything so easy, despite coming from the hugely popular iPhone experience. She has a Nokia Lumia 1020 with its best-in-class 41MP camera sensor. From her article: “Quite simply, I fell in love with it. I made it my main phone a few weeks ago, and it’s been seamless.”






I’m sure this happens more than we realise; Windows Phone 8.1 is now (pretty much) out there in the wild and ‘normobs’ are starting to enjoy and appreciate Cortana, Action Center, the customisable Start screen, and all the other features that an up-to-date Windows Phone now offers. But I still think it is early days for this sort of transition to occur more widely, especially with the impending media storm that will hit us when the iPhone 6 is announced next month. But for now, it is more than a little heart-warming to read that someone smart actually made a conscious decision on their choice of smartphone OS, instead of following the crowd (hence the nickname, ‘iSheep’, haha).




Here at Nokia Innovation we wish Aimee all the best with her Lumia 1020, and hope she will find the throng of friendly, fellow WP users who are always available to help her out, should she have any questions or queries. Because that is really the best thing about being part of the Windows Phone/Nokia community – the community itself.

Enjoy your Lumia 1020, Aimee, and we look forward to your follow-up articles!  😉