REVIEW: Treasure Tags – Keep Your Treasured Possessions Close


A while back we ran a short piece on the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2), but the problem at the time was that we could only test them at Microsoft/Nokia and industry events.

Now that Windows 8.1 is publicly releasing, along with the new Cyan firmware for Lumia phones, the Treasure Tag can now be tested in the wild. Thanks to a number of Microsoft/Nokia contacts and the MixRadio team we are now able to test and review the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) along with the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10).

The first Treasure Tag to be released was the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2), which we first got out hands on at Mobile World Congress back in February this year, measuring 30 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm thick and weighing 13g. The Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) connects to your Windows Phone via Bluetooth (BT) 4.0, requiring the Nokia Lumia Cyan firmware update installed alongside the public release of Windows Phone 8.1. Pairing is simple as the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) includes Near Field Communication (NFC). Once paired the Treasure Tag app needs to be installed to interact with the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2). The colour options for the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) follow the Lumia colour range with black, white, yellow and cyan available.

Set-up is simple, enabling naming of the Treasure Tag and setting up notifications. Once completed the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) sounds if it loses its BT connection assuming that it is out of range and therefor left behind. If you don’t hear the sounder you can prompt the sounder from the Treasure Tag app on your phone or ask the app to show you on a map where the connection was lost and finally ask HERE Maps or HERE Drive to show you a route to the location.

More recently the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) released, providing a smaller form factor, measuring 30 mm x 30 mm x 5.8 mm thick and weighing a mere 6.2 g. Although the reduced thickness and weight is much appreciated, NFC and the sounder are lost. Although the loss of NFC has minimal impact the loss of the sounder leaves us in two minds about our preferred Treasure Tag as once within BT range there is no easy way to find the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) if it in or under something. The only colour option we have seen for the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) is a white unit with an orange strap.

The online pricing of the two Treasure Tags places the at Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2)
Black and White variants costing £29.99 and the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) costing £19.99 at Expansys UK. This being said Amazon UK also stocks the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) with a price of c. £20, but there is no sign of the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) there. One thing to note is that our understanding is that the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) is available globally, but the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) is not available in all regions.



The concept of the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) and Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) is solid as we have all lost a treasure possession and torn everything apart trying to find it. These little units save the pain and anguish enabling you to quickly find your lost possession. Although we appreciate the reduced size provided by the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) we miss the sounder in the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) too much, meaning our preferred option. From a pricing point of view we would end up opting for the Nokia Treasure Tag (WS-2) as the Amazon price is equal to the online Nokia Treasure Tag Mini (WS-10) price and provides the much appreciated internal sounder.

Which would you choose and what other features would you like to see in the next generation of Treasure Tag?


Appearance: *** (3/5)

Quality: **** (4/5)

Experience: *** (3/5)

Price: **** (4/5)