Demo: Cortana on a Dot View Case by HTC


Photo: cnet

One of the new features which came with Windows Phone 8.1 and has been found in the source code some time ago, is that a Windows Phone is now capable of interacting with smart covers like the Dot View Cover by HTC is one. So you don’t have to tip directly on the display, in this example with the dot View cover it is enough to touch the cover to start for example Cortana. Just swipe down from the bottom of the cover and your personal assistant will be ready for you, the only thing you will need is the question you want to ask Cortana.

Also ‘Motion Launch’, Double Tap to unlock from HTC, is working with the ‘DotView cover, which is pretty amazing because you don’t have to open your cover just double tap it and it will show you the time and the temperature, depending on your settings.
Below you can see a demo video from WPCentral where they are demonstrating both the Motion Launch and of course how well Cortana works with the Dot View cover.

So what do you think of these so called smart covers, according to my opinion it is pretty impressive and I am definitely looking forward getting one for my Nokia Lumia 1020 as soon as Microsoft releases one, and if the cover will not come for my device I will buy a device where such a smart cover is available for. Also think about what will be possible if every develop can let his app interact with such a smart cover, just awesome. However let me know your opinion in comments, thanks for reading.