Rudy Huyn is working on Secret aka 6secret App


6tag, 6snap, 6sec these are just three Apps of the always beautifully designed Apps which Rudy Huyn is providing for Windows Phone for free.


The support is great and the functionality is always reliable, Rudy Huyn is a big name in the Windows Phone community he has already brought Instagram to Windows Phone long ago when Microsoft was still struggling with Instagram to publish an official App for the OS. Also a great 6tin App for the ‘Tinder’ service is still in the store though the owners of this service haven’t stopped complaining over and over again.


Today Rudy Huyn has tweeted his startscreen with a 6secret App pinned to the startscreen, asking if the logo is okay. However it seems that he is working hard on another Windows Phone App, this time it is an App for the popular ‘Secret Social Network’ where you can still share things with friends but can stay anonymous if you want to. You can see the tweet of Rudy Huyn below.


I guess we can expect another awesome designed minimalistic App from this guy and I am sure it will be once again also a very functional App where nothing is left to complain about. Let me know your opinion about the App.