Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Gets an Update



An update has been rolled out for Windows Phone 8 devices running the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 Developer Preview.

It doesn’t appear to be a major update, presumably bringing just the usual bug fixes and stability improvements. The build number is 8.10.14157.200. This update only seems to have rolled out to Lumia 920’s but we will keep an eye out to see if it extends it’s reach to other Windows Phones on the Developer Preview.

Update: This update would appear to be for all devices running Developer Preview, not just Lumia 920’s, my mistake, sorry!

If you have a Windows Phone enabled to receive developer previews then you should receive a notification when the update is available. You can check yourself by going to Settings scrolling down to Phone Update, and from there Click “Check for Updates”. And let us know if you find anything new in the update.