xBox One August Update


Today you will be able to download the biggest Update which Microsoft has provided for the xBox One so far. Microsoft has already detailed some of the changes which will come with the Update before, but since the Update is rolling out today, you can read here a full list with the new features.

xBox One

  • Activity Feed where better interaction with others is possible.
  • New Friends Area on Dashboard
  • Remote Purchases from and xBox Smartglass.
  • Low battery notification for your controller.
  • Possibility to turn off notifications during watching videos.
  • Ability to play 3D BluRay discs.
  • The OneGuide is now available in Austria, Brazil, Mexico and Ireland.
  • You can now see in the friends list when someone has been last seen online and what he was doing during that time.
  • A new preview of the Media Payer will be available, with this preview you will be able to play music from an usb stick and also more formats will be supported to play.
  • The Party App for he xBox One has got some improvements where you can see now who is doing which activities and a lot more.
  • You can now set that you xBox One directly boots to TV on start up.
  • A new Live TV Guide at the bottom of the screen will show you the content of what’s currently on TV.
  • The Smart Glass App will now be able to directly record Games and there will be a ‘What’s new’ section in the app to show off new features.
  • Users with the Kinect in Australia, Brazil, Canada (French), Italy, Mexico and Spain can now use the “Xbox, on” voice command to wake up their Xbox One.
  • In the Upload App you will be now able to select and delete multiple GameDVR videos.
  • It is possible to save your xBox One Avatar picture to OneDrive
  • In the network settings you can now look what bandwidth your xBox One is consuming.
  • There are also some other changes in the settings app, there are new options to manage controller functions and other accessories and Instant Sign-In, has moved to Settings, Sign-in, Security & Passkey.
  • Wow that is really a huge list of new features, isn’t it. What do you think of this extensive Update from Microsoft, let me now below in the comment section.

    Source: WinSupersite